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Welcome to H.R. Peterson Company

H.R. Peterson Company has been meeting the needs of our customers since 1939. We offer filtration products for liquid applications which include water filters, reverse osmosis filters, carbon filters and housings for whole house, commercial, and industrial markets.

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our filter products or drinking water filters;

 please e-mail us at info@hrpeterson.com 

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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

HR Peterson Co has been providing the highest quality in water filtration products for residential, commercial and industrial uses. From drinking water to medical grade filters, we have a wide variety of filtration that will remove unwanted bacteria and toxins and deliver some of the purist water possible. Our water filters are like no other and we guarantee you'll notice a difference in your drinking water after the installation of our water filter.

The awareness of pollutants in drinking water have made us take a look at the water that we have been drinking. Bottled water has gone from convenience to necessity and tap water use has become limited. Here at HR Peterson Co we have home water filter systems for your whole house to ensure not only your drinking water is filtered but the water that you use to cook and bathe in is just as clean. Your skin and hair will never feel better than taking a bath or shower with filtered water and your lawn will never look better using purified water rather than having harmful toxins and fertilizers.

Our industrial and commercial water filtration systems and filters ensure clean water for everything from drinking water to water used for manufacturing purposes. We carry some of the most complex and cutting edge filters and can be incorporated into almost any manufacturing process and deliver some of the most purified water. Donít jeopardize your manufacturing process and production schedule with the incorrect industrial water filters.

Improving drinking water and cutting out bottled water and water coolers cannot only improve your household bottom line but also your business. Drinking water directly out of the tap will allow you the freedom of convenient water and eliminate expensive less purified water. Using filtered water in a business setting has unlimited added bonuses by providing employees with purified drinking water. Providing accessible drinking water promotes a healthier life, is environmental friendly and eliminating drinking water expenses.

Some of the products you'll find here at HR Peterson Co. are residential, home, commerical and industrial water filters, countertop drinking water filters, Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, carbon cartridges and many other water filtration products. Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find a full catalog of our water filtration products for residential, commercial and industrial uses. If you have the need of purified water for business or personal use, call HR Peterson Co today.


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